A Look Back on 10 Years

A Tribute to Our NSF Archives

Ten years can fly by in a second. After almost going bankrupt in 2012 to being recognized by GQ as a top designer in 2015, NSF has been through it all. The introduction of womenswear came in 2010 when women kept wanting the menswear. It became an extension of the men's collection and formed NSF'S DNA, "borrowed from the boys." Today, the collections are still influenced by the original pieces that established NSF womens. These archive pieces represent the Eras of NSF and are now showcased and sold in-store at our pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

Here's a look at our archives as we celebrate ten years in womenswear.

NSF Lookbook Circa Prefall 2016

In our current collections we still carry styles that were originally designed in the beginning of the line’s inception, which prove to still be our bestsellers, even after 10 years of time. 

NSF Flight Suit Circa 2016

We're always inspired by military flight suits. Our first came out in 2016 and we reinterpreted it this season.

Above, you can see the original creation of the NSF jumpsuit. To the left, is today's version. We continue to be inspired by vintage military styles and fabrics.

The Basquiat pant is an NSF staple that we have on the site year round. Another bestseller that has been around from the beginning.

NSF Archive: Antique Bronze Basquiat Pant

NSF Lookbook Circa 2015

Examples of our archival pieces include our signature distressed and bleached out buffalo check shirt from the first season.

These pieces are one offs and we are literally selling them straight out of the designer’s archive closet. This collection of archival pieces is curated by the Creative Director and anything not sold will go back into her archive closet.

NSF Archive: Signature Buffalo Check Shirt Circa Season 1

Even after 10 years, we still use the same models, photographers, makeup artists, and sewers we started the women's line with. A huge part of our success is thanks to the people we work with.

Monroe, the model shown right, started as an NSF model. Today, she is one of our go-to photographers. We've kept relationships with the same people as we've developed and grown. Every step of the process is thoughtful and that's what makes us authentic and unique as a brand.

Monroe in NSF Lookbook Circa Spring 2014

NSF Archive: Patchwork Denim Circa 2014

The archive pieces hold a special place. These pieces have unique inspiration points that come from all around us.

The patchwork denim above was inspired by Japanese borro blankets and deadstsock rails tripe indigo denim from the 1940's. Pieced together by hand, individually bleached down patches create a handworn texture to our cream bleached denim boyfriends.

“Our reference points are personal, from the things we love, from the things we collect.” - Jamie Haller, Creative Director

“The Archive pieces are not just pieces leftover from our inventory, they are the actual designer reference samples- the original creations that inspired signature moments in our collections. These pieces are what we would internally call our “standards” and it is from these ideal versions of our wash and style developments which we issue and model our cuts. These pieces are the most iconic NSF reference points and therefore very valuable. Certain designs will literally never be produced again once these standards are sold off. “ 

- Jamie Haller

NSF Archive: Signature Adam's Jacket

The Adam's Jacket was inspired by 1990's Baja striped blanket ponchos via Tijuana and Ensenada. A high school staple for Cali students. Pieced and patched onto denim jackets and lovingly thrashed.

Borrowed From the Boys

The pieces that influenced the women's collection for that tomboy charm. This is what built the identity of NSF.

NSF Archive: Men's Dip Dyed Oxford Shirt

NSF Lookbook Circa Spring 2015

The inspiration behind the dip dyed oxford shirt above was the idea of a pen bleeding ink in a shirting pocket, achieved through indigo hand dip dye.

NSF Archive: Classic Indigo Trucker Jacket

The Workshop

The “Workshop” is the back room of the store. It is a special area where the Archival pieces are hung separate from the main collection.

Be sure to stop by if you're in the Los Angeles area to view the collection.

The "Workshop"