Behind the Book: Pre-Fall 17 Collection

June 02 2017
Shot on a rooftop in Downtown, Los Angeles
By Photographer @juliettecassidy
"This is the most beautiful and amazing wall ever...
the perfect non studio studio vibe in the prettiest pale pink patina"
Juliette is a Spanish photographer based in the UK that we found and fell in love with on instagram.  Our Creative Director Jamie chose her to shoot the Pre-Fall collection
because of her angular and intimate aethestic.
"She's both modern and emotional. There was an intentional and deliberate, yet soft and feminine perspective she captures I really connected with. "- Jamie Haller
Juliette tends to shoot from the ground up making the dimensions of the photo
seem long and interesting. 
 "My favorite part of the Pre Fall Collection is the stretch faded black denim. It's pretty crazy for me to say that... but I'm feeling it. It's just destroyed enough to feel legitimately old and yet the silhouette is fresh."- Creative Director Jamie Haller
"I'm feeling corsets... also not like me, but the way I am feeling it is interpreted in a casual way... Imagine how you might dress up a T shirt. A fitted waist T or sweatshirt can be enough of a twist to capture that high low feeling I love. I love mixing dressy and casual, or even just flirting with something sexy but introducing it in a non sexy way." -Creative Director Jamie Haller
"Kimono's are my thing"- Jamie
Hair and makeup: Stephanie Nicole Smith 
We work with Stephanie a lot and love how effortless and natural she makes the models look. She can pretty much make any girl look exactly how we want her.