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What to Wear as The Weather Changes

Freshen up your wardrobe with this season's must-haves.

Losing light, colder temperatures and a color change marks the entrance into Fall and signifies it’s time to change up your wardrobe. Unpacking last year’s wardrobe can feel a little uninspiring after wearing the same turtleneck for the dozenth time. Adding a new piece into your mix can make getting dressed more exciting, and more inspiring. We're taking it back to the basics with a trend forward twist.

The key to fall is layers. These NSF must-haves are just what you need for a closet revamp.

Lainey cardigan, Midori pant

Swap out your dress for a jumpsuit.

This one and done NSF Paige jumpsuit is more versatile than you may think. When a cold front comes through, add a turtleneck underneath. Another option? Wear it as pants: style a tee underneath with the front unzipped and wrap the sleeves around your waist.

Paige jumpsuit

The trend piece: Our Obsidian Tie Dye

Tie dye for fall? This trend has no limits. A tried and true NSF staple that was spotted on the fall runway.
A reinforcement that tie-dye in darker tones will take your look into the new season. We're obsessing over this obsidian tie dye.

Lisse hoodie, Sayde sweatpant

A classic plaid staple.

Plaid is never going out of style, so this year change how you wear it. Try a plaid on plaid ensemble or wear the bottom buttons undone for a laidback look (don’t forget to button the top button for full effect). Styled like a true cool girl.

Danae shirt

All about that base: talking cashmere.

Saba sweater

It's all about the base layers. Instead of layering endlessly, put your attention on the core of your outfit. A cashmere sweater is simple yet effective. Stay warm without the bulk in the Saba sweater.

Elevate your cold-weather game with a puffer.

The puffer coat has quickly taken its place as a must-have in many women's closets. We love the bold pop of the NSF Ollie Puffer in gold. It's a color that looks good on everyone and can act as a neutral. Opt for a size or two up for an oversized, elevated street style feel. 

Ollie puffer


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