NSF Community

Welcome to the Sycamore Neighborhood

Tucked away in an up and coming creative pocket of West Hollywood is North Sycamore Street, which is in its final stages of a grand makeover. Here, you'll find a carefully curated array of businesses that complement one another. We jumped at the chance to be one of the first stores to open on this street already familiar to local tastemakers and creatives. The NSF concept store opened in early December in a raw plaster and concrete space that was perfectly remodeled and yet undone, a look and feel that connects with the NSF brand in so many ways. As we have become acquainted with our new neighborhood, we decided we'd give you the inside scoop to all things to do and see when you come visit us on North Sycamore. 

Koda Farms Rice Porridge


This intimate bakery is just what you need for a pick me up. Their breads and pastries are made fresh daily with techniques the owners developed abroad. A mouth-watering array of tarts, cookies, croissants and breads will leave you thinking about your sweet spot days later, so we suggest taking a loaf of bread to go (thank yourself later). Our creative director always gets the tea cake when she's in the neighborhood. Although famous for their bakery section, don't underestimate their menu options. The porridge is outstanding with chicken, ginger, chili oil and a soft boiled egg. Another winning option we suggest is the avocado toast. While you take a moment to sit and inhale the sweet goodness, keep your eyes up. Celebrities like to pop in at random so it's a great place to post up, get some work done and enjoy a cup of coffee while secretly people watching the likes of Los Angeles.

Just One Eye

On your way to Tartine, you'll stumble across Just One Eye. Part gallery, part store, this highly exclusive retail loft is filled with uncommon encounters from art, fashion, and decor sourced from established and emerging artists and designers. A quick walk through will have you lost in a daydream of inspiration. There's a reason it's a hot spot for stylists to pull for their A-list clientele. This is not to miss for high end LA shopping experiences.


Whether you're just getting into working out, or you've been on the grind for a while, Platefit is a great studio for the person on the go. The classes are only 30 minutes long making it difficult to find any excuse not to attend. However, don't be fooled by the short timing of class. The vibrating plates activate your muscles to be contracting 30-40 times per second resulting in a more effective workout. If you're ambitious enough, you can even take two classes back to back. Thankfully, they have a daily recovery class that entails a Theragun for ultimate muscle relaxation.


For all the music lovers, Supervinyl is the place to be. The shop is owned by Barry Perlman, co-founder of Lucky Brand jeans and music enthusiast. His store is lined in classic and rare albums that offset its contemporary feel. The freestanding pedestals display customizable turntables. On occasion, they even have performances and band appearances that you'll want to be in the know for. Barry has an eye for good style, good music and good company. Supervinyl is a must stop.

Jeffrey Deitch

We end our tour at Jeffrey Deitch, a gallery owned by the ex MOCA director. This gallery is a way to experience art outside of the mainstream museums while maintaining that elevated feel. Much of the work you'll find here are large scale solo exhibitions or a curated selections of artists that fit under one theme. Jeffrey Deitch's gallery goes beyond drawing in the cliques of the art world. The vision he has executed for the gallery peaks interest to a much broader audience. With the relationships Jeffrey Deitch has from his previous work at MOCA, you won't be disappointed by the display you'll find. In fact, it exceed expectations.

"All of the Witches" currently on display from February- April 2020


NSF Archive Collection

Welcome to NSF, where the look of raw and unfinished mediums tastefully come together. Like our clothing depicts, the space feels worn in with a sense of comfort. In store you will discover our Archive Collection, a special one-off collection straight from our creative director's closet, new arrivals and long time favorites. We invite you to come visit the space while we're here for a limited time only.