NSF 10 Year Anniversary Party

2020 is the year that NSF womenswear turns ten years old. Ten years in womenswear is something to be celebrated. So in true Nick Friedberg style, we threw a party.

The celebration was held at NSF pop up store in West Hollywood on the same day the interior was completed. The space was filled with the latest NSF collections and Archives, along with a tasteful array of vintage furniture brought to us by our creative director, Jamie Haller (Side note: she also flips homes. She really does it all!).

Sheryl Luke of Walk In Wonderland

(Left) Meeka Hossain, NSF Marketing Director
(Right) Monroe Alvarez, NSF Photographer

(Left to right) Stephanie Arant, Caitlin Taylor,
Kathryn Zahorak

The smell of Jon & Vinny’s was in the air, classic cocktail drinks and a curated playlist created by our makeup artist Stephanie (Who was also a DJ in her past life?! So many incredible women we are associated with!) set the vibe.

The interactions at the event were a huge hit. Stick and poke tattoos by Robbie Ra enticed a bold crowd, while piercings by Amarilo jewelry satisfied those seeking a more subtle excitement.

Kylee Campbell being tattooed by Robbie Ra

(Left to right) Tash Baker, Emily Boffeli, Sarah Kretzu, Linnea Osterberg, Megan Costley

Not only were Instagram moments created, but as were friendships. Everyone was mixing and mingling with different groups than who they had came with. NSF has a way of creating a feeling of family and comfortability and that night of celebration was more than what anyone could have expected.

Nick Friedberg, Founder and CEO
Jamie Haller, Creative Director

Thank you to everyone who came out to support that night.