This is one of my favorite collections.
It is so wearable,easy and pretty.
I love the color palette and the soft indigo.

I am loving on…

The Mika Jacket

This jacket of mine was a recreation from a tiny baby denim jacket I picked up at the Rose Bowl about 15 years ago. I literally handed the baby jacket to the pattern maker and told him to make it for me. We call the wash Standard Baby Jacket.

I REALLY love these. The length is just at or above the ankle so its very shoe friendly.

The raw fly detail is cool yet different enough to make them your favorite basic, but with a twist of course.



Trust me, this jacket goes with everything.

This shape has been in my life for a long time. I brought her back in super soft Japanese indigo and gave her raw vibe details for a fresh spring update.

The Braxton Short

The wash from these shorts I literally stole off Nick’s body after he walked into our office wearing them. He had just finished painting some bookcases he built and they had the perfect amount of authentically painted patina leftover on them. Sometimes paint perfection happens by accident.

I'm a sucker for holes. I just can’t stop. Holes make a sweatshirt better.

I love a lived in look. This sweatshirt feels like she has been your best friend your whole life.


The Marley Karate Jacket

The raw edges, pigment dye and quilted effect of the cotton somehow work together perfect to feel both original and fluid.

This is a very cool piece.