Behind the Book: Fall 17 Women's Collection

Women's Fall 17 
Shot by Canadian Creatives Othello Grey and Neva Wireko

Get to know the Photographers 

1: How did you two meet and start working together?

Othello : I had a photo blog at the time and was always looking for new interesting people to shoot, I had randomly seen Neva at an event she was shooting and thought it would be great to take some photos of her. After that we built a friendship and realized our interests were closer than we thought

Neva : We met through a mutual interest in photography, after he shot me we became friends and started realizing we could teach other aspects of photography that we didn’t know, as we taught each other more we gradually transitioned into putting those tools to use on shoots. At first Othello would style shoots for me, I would assist him with lighting on his shoots- we helped one another build our foundations of understanding. 

O : When we started dating it became a natural part of lives, always helping each other in anyway we could and committing to actualizing each others ideas. 

2. Favorite part about being behind the camera?

O : I love being able to communicate various emotions and stories and finding what makes whatever I’m shooting unqiue. There’s a certain joy I find in having the capability to see the same sights as another person but capturing them in a way thats purely mine. 

N : I would say it’s the same thing for me, my camera becomes an extension of myself and I have so many ideas and thoughts that I can bring to life through photography



3. How would you describe your aesthetic or style?

Both : We’d say both of our styles are fluid- always changing and evolving. At times we can be minimal, other times maximalists, we’re very into the idea of analyzing what the best way to elevate whatever we’re shooting is and we’re constantly thinking of how to pull the beauty out of the scenario.



4. Favorite piece in the NSF Fall Collection and why

O : Mine would be the Charley Jumpsuit - it’s such a statement piece without trying to be. Sleek but still ‘edgy’.


N : I would have to say the Carmen Skirt. I love the pop of red color and the tartan with ruffle just adds something fun and extra.





Hair and Makeup by Stephanie Smith

For Fall, we did a sleek side part with a winged eye so it stayed simple, yet edgy.

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Fall 17 Collection