A Personality Style Guide for shopping NSF


Jamie Haller, NSF Creative Director


"I’m a Tomboy on the weekends and a City Girl when I need to pull it together. I’m an Eastsider all the time. I wish I was a little more athleisure. I wish I liked exercising a little more than I do. I also wish I was more of a minimalist, it would be easier to keep my house clean.”

 What is your go-to NSF outfit? 

My perfect look is the Dorian Trench with Moore Graphic Tee and Arlo Pants.





Kimberly Friedberg, Wife of NSF Founder Nick Friedberg

Which NSF girl do you think you are? 
 I’m mix between the city girl, the athleisure girl,  the east sider and the minimalist.  Most days I’m the athleisure girl.  My day consists of school drop-offs and pick-ups, working out, and running errands. I need to be comfy. I’m a minimalist on days I’m volunteering at school events.  If I have to step it up a notch for evening drinks and dinner, I’m a mix between city girl and east sider.


What is your go-to NSF outfit? 

My Athleisure look would be the JoJo pant and Landon Baseball Tee

My City/East Sider look would be the Lyla skirt and Arkin top






Cheysa Santana, Fashion Wholesale Manager


Do you describe your style as Minimalist? Or do you think it crosses over into some of the other categories? 

City girl meets Minimalist (and a tomboy at heart). I have lived in metropolitan cities my whole life, I grew up in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and New York City. Growing up in cities, living in small spaces (aka small closet space) and living in fast-paced environments, my style is very much all about comfort and practicality while still looking put together. 

Almost every top piece in my closet can be paired back to almost every bottom piece. That's because I shop by what I call the rule of 3. Before making any purchases I think, what 3 other pieces in my closet can this go with? Every 6 months I clean out my closet and if I feel that there's anything I haven't worn in 6 months and I don't see myself wearing in the next 6 months it's gone. Less is more my friends! 

 What is your go-to NSF outfit? 

My favorite NSF pieces are the Corin tees! They are so soft and comfy and nothing beats the versatility of a good white tee. I am really into the baby tees. They are simple, classic, feminine with a bit of a boyish twist. I pair them back to baggy jeans for proportion and call it a day. 






Whitney Hughes, NSF Sales Manager


 Which NSF girl do you think you are? 

I guess you can say I am somewhat of a tomboy but I definitely cross over into other categories. I am not comfortable in anything tight and tend to size up in most things to achieve that. I can get a little dressed up from time to time but you will rarely if ever catch me in heels. I am a boots and chucks or vans kinda girl through and through. I love to play around with bold colors and prints from time to time and when dressing up. Day to day- I am a jeans, t-shirt or oversized sweater with a denim jacket kinda girl- NSF makes this easy.”

What is your go-to NSF outfit? 

 My perfect look is the Presley Sweater, Jane shorts, Alessi Stripe, and Mina Jacket.



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