Founder Nick Friedberg takes us along with him on the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto 


Founder Nick and Showroom Director Justin outside of Robot Restaurant, known for its raucous pop-culture show with robotic monsters, dancers & lasers.

"Harami season; April is the best month to visit Tokyo to see all of the beautiful cherry blossoms.  I have been to Tokyo before but never in the spring.  Also we went to the Harami Party in Yoyogi Park which was incredible." - Justin, Showroom Director 


 Nick doing some personal shopping at Kapital with the locals. 




Building in the beautiful Tokyo neighborhood Daikanyama. The boys saw this on their walk to one of their favorite lunch spots Irving Place Café

Old house spotted in Daikoyama. A rare sighting given that most of the original architecture was ruined from the war. 


Wall in Harajuku. A font favorite of Nick's. 


Local artist in the store Blue Blue. The Blue Blue collection is a range of beautifully made and dyed clothing in natural fibers, unique fabrics and artisan wash processes, paying homage to Japanese traditional craftsmanship, technique and the beautiful four seasons of Japan.

Graffiti near Shibuya crossing 


Bathroom wall in restaurant Kaikaya 


Street Art near Shibuya Crossing 


 Robot Restaurant






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