Indie Rock band Wargirl tours Europe wearing our NSF Holiday 17 Collection

How did the band meet?

Some of us had played music together around Long Beach for years, and then Marika and Matt met through the charity Water Wells for Africa which her parents operate. So we were all kind of around LA and Long Beach and had similar interests. So playing music with a lot of the developing world vibe felt very natural, none of us were trying to get into straight alternative rock or whatever 
so we just kind of found each other because our individual weirdness matched.
 Where are you guys touring right now?

Germany and Sweden. Berlin is the best and has been very good to us.


How would you describe the band’s style?

We all grew up around LA but have logged some serious time in Central America, Africa and Europe so we are a style mishmash of our So Cal upbringing but with a lot of influences from the developing world. It’s sort of a direct reflection of the melting pot that makes up our music. We wear a lot of the NSF stuff because its comfortable to live in on a 12 hour flight but looks sharp on stage. Comfort is kind of the biggest factor since we spend a lot of time in transit, but we like to look a little unique on stage.There’s no dress code but if one of the guys shows up in shorts they would get heavily frowned upon.
Marika Dahlin - Lead Vocals
Tamara Wilson - Bass
Enya Preston - Keyboards
Matt Wignall - Guitar and Photography 
Erick Diego Nieto - Percussion 

Jeff Suri - Drums


Funniest moment you guys have had on tour?

Well, the ongoing joke was Matt was wearing a thick wool sweater (actually made by NSF) and a red wool beanie and everyone kept talking to him in French everywhere we went in Germany, so the band called him the frenchmen. Then our bass player Tammy is over 6’ tall, and in Sweden that is fairly average height. She’s always easy to find in a crowded club in LA. So anytime we couldn’t find them as were we leaving we would ask if someone had seen a frenchmen and a totally averaged size red head girl. She had never been average sized in her life. And then there was the all male rock band trying to bump lipstick off of the girls, we have lots of little moments that are mostly our jet lagged inside jokes.

Favorite city you guys have visited on tour so far?

It ’s hard to pick one, but we would have to say Berlin. There’s such a fantastic energy there and it’s so international. I think of it as a more scrappy working class version of New York. Plus it’s not overpriced like the rest of Europe.

Favorite song to sing live?

Probably Arbolita, our title track for our new EP.


Wargirl performing in Hamburg Germany 




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